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George Valentino

Born and raised in the ‘Eastend’ of London in the 70s George Valentino was raised by his Greek Cypriot parents. His mother Angela who was a well-known Spiritualist. Her gift was reading the: Palm, Tarot cards and Tea Leaves

At 12 years old George would practise 3 card Tarot readings with his mother’s clients who were waiting to be seen in their home. This is when he realised he had inherited the spiritual gift from his ancestors dating back to the 1800s.

As well as inheriting the Spiritual gift from his mother, George’s passion for Music was a clear gift from his father. George started playing the drums at 13 and by 17 he was performing professionally in Greek plate smashing Tavernas and weddings where he would also perform reads for the guests. People would return to George to have a readings.

In 1997 whilst George was recovering from a serious operation he started to do readings on The Tarot phone lines and was able to support an increasing number of people through their own journeys by using the spiritual knowledge that ran richly through his family’s history.

His recovery and self-discovery journeys inspired him to focus on healing techniques. He rekindled an ancient colour therapy to enable aura, chakra balance and self-connection. These techniques helped him to swiftly heal psychologically and physically, changing his life for the better. He now applies what he has learnt to help others. Many people have been astounded with the results achieved.

George Valentino is a known Psychic to the current celebrities having performed on TOWIE, and written predictions about politics and Kanye West which have all come true. He has read for the likes of Gemma Collins, Yaz Oukhellou, Talia Storm, Sam Friars, Billy Friars, to name a few.

Although readings are important; spiritual guidance and self-connection are essential! To become a practising psychic and a spiritualist is a responsibility that will take many years of dedication. For George it has become a way of life.

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