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Stavy Stephanou

Stavy has been a MUA (make-up artist) for 10 years. She is a ‘self-taught’ make-up artist. She fell into the Make-up by fate. She walked passed a MAC store and saw they had a till position available in the window. Upon attending interview fate had a different plan for her as the manager loved Stavy’s personal make-up that day, and put her forwards for an ‘Artist’ position instead.

For filling her destiny Stavy was a MUA for MAC for 4 years where she learnt different styles of make-up including Glam and giving one-to-one Lessons. She then went on to work for Magnum Services, They provided make for actors starring in TV, & Short independent and Training films. On one job she provided all of the SPFX for the film make-up for the cast who performed simulated accidents in the training company films they show to their training employees, replicating complicated wounds and injuries. She then went on to for fill her dream of working for herself providing her services as a make-up artist specialising in: Weddings, Halloween looks & SPFX.

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